Easy. Do you want it? Then add it to your Wish Queue!

Do you ever see something online or in the store and think, “you know who would love that? Me!” Wish Queue is a way to give a gift to the most important person in your life, yourself. Remember, these are things that you want to be surprised by, and not something you would need right away. 72.3333% of the fun of having a Wish Queue comes from being surprised (Yeah, we did the math*). Here are a few suggestions from my own Wish Queue, and some trends that we’ve seen amongst the budding queues from our customers.


Personally, I have been using my Wish Queue to collect games that I played in my youth. Unfortunately, I lost my original N64 and Sega Genesis to mysterious circumstances, and have been trying to get back to where I was. Last night, I had the pleasure, nay, the blessing of finally playing Ocarina of Time again on an N64. While I also possess a copy of it for GameCube, I love feeling like I should have a 3rd arm to accommodate the N64 controller. And nothing quite compares to hearing that beautiful “BUH NU NUH NAH!” when you open a chest through a tube TV.

Woodworker & Brewer

One of our customers has been on a real crafty kick. We cannot confirm, but we think that the chisels, drills, and various wood taming instruments are being used to craft a bar for all of the craft beer he will be crafting. With no cap to what he can add to his Wish Queue, I figure the possibilities really are endless. We are hoping to see his passion to continue to grow with each new item.

Unique Tastes

One of my favorite Wish Queues to peek at belongs to someone with very herbaceous tastes. They truly appreciate the art of glass blowing and have added some spectacular pieces to their Wish Queue.

The trick to keeping a hobby interesting is to find new ways to enjoy it, and this collection really reflects that. It has inspired me to try new methods of elevation myself, and I can say, this person knows what they are doing.

Just add it

So when it comes to what you can or cannot add to your own Wish Queue, just ask yourself. “Does this float my boat?” And if it does, then add it! This is a judgment-free zone. We don’t care if you are into tremendous amounts of Justin Beiber paraphernalia or cowboy-themed romance novels. That said, we may choose¬†to ship these items through DHL instead of a reputable vendor, but it will be a judgment-free¬†decision. Don’t have a Wish Queue? Sign up today!

*Guestimation is math, right?


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