Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the frequently asked questions other members have had below, if you don’t find the answer to your question, please contact us.

How much does Wish Queue cost?

Wish Queue charges a simple flat fee on each item that we purchase on your behalf, the flat fee is 7.5% of the purchase price. The estimated fee is shown to members upon adding the item to their queue.

How do I delete an item?

On desktop, simply hover over the item and select the “Delete” option.

On mobile, tap and hold on the item image and then select the “Delete” option.

Can I change my payment?

Yes! You can change your payment amount, date, frequency and card information at any time by going to your Edit Financials page.

Can I change my address?

Yes, and we highly recommend you keep it updated! You may edit your profile information at any time by going to your Edit Profile page.

Is there a minimum amount?

There is no minimum price for items to be added to your queue. However, payment plans must be at least $10.00.

Can I return an item?

In most cases, yes. We will facilitate the return process with the vendor on your behalf.

If you add a customized item to your order order, an item that is not returnable, or have exceeded the return window, we will notify you of any issues with the return.

What if the item is priced lower elsewhere?

While we do not guarantee the lowest price on your items, we do make an attempt to find the items at lower prices when make the purchase. We will disclose the sale price of the item in your transaction history.

Can I have a payment refunded?

Sure! You may request a refund of any payment within the last 30 days, just contact us and let us know.

Can I withdraw money?

Unfortunately, no. Wish Queue is not a bank, we don’t allow cash withdrawals. You can request a refund of any payments made within the past 30 days however, just contact us for assistance.