So, what is a Wish Queue?

Quite simply, a Wish Queue allows you to subscribe to things you actually want.


Tell us what you want, dream big or small! Simply add items that you wish you had right now to your Wish Queue.

You can add items from any website, all we need is a web address.


Sign up for a payment plan and set aside a custom payment amount (minimum $10), as frequently as you wish.

We can set up ACH payments with most banks and accept all major Credit cards as well.


Once you've set aside enough money, a random item will be selected and shipped right to your door.

You'll wonder, "What's this box?" and then you'll open it and scream "OMG, NO WAY!!"

You'll surprise yourself.

What members say...

Our members love their Wish Queues, and for many different reasons!
Chris C.

Chris C.

Reluctant Hipster, Tech, Tool, and Brewing Nerd

"Wish Queue combines the thrill of getting a surprise gift in the mail, without all of the filler crap you get with all those subscription boxes!"

Dylan G.

Dylan G.

Nerdy gamer, skater, and audiophile

"It breaks up the monotony of your life by injecting truly surprise packages, making you think 'I didn't order anything... OMG... it must be something from my Wish Queue!'”

Brad G.

Brad G.

Gamer, Homeowner, Collector of Hobbies

“It’s such a blast to come home to find something unexpected waiting to brighten your day. With Wish Queue, I’ve become a casual collector of vintage video games, I’ve received upgrades to my favorite hobbies, and I’ve tried new things that I now love!”

The Q

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